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AGORA at Adaptation Futures

By October 3, 2023No Comments

Date: 2-6 October

In 2023, the 7th edition of the Adaptation Futures (AF2023) conference will take place from 2nd to 6th October in Montreal, Canada. The conference is hosted by Ouranos, the Government of Canada, and the World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP). AF2023 is the flagship event of the WASP, one of the four components of the World Climate Programme

The AF20232 conference is an international conference focussing entirely on climate change adaptation and provides the opportunity to share knowledge and exchange experiences with a large adaptation network. Structured around four main goals, with 180 sessions, master classes, and field visits, the conference held over five days is gathering more than 1500 members of the climate change adaptation community, with hybrid engagement during selected sessions.

AGORA will be present at the AF2023 conference and will lead a dedicated session on 4th October at 16:00 in room #524c.

Through an in-person and interactive world café session, participants will look at good practices of community and citizen engagement to accelerate a climate resilient future in Europe and beyond. The session is structured as a World Café which takes place in a room with tables of specific topics and questions, among which participants can rotate, engaging at each table through participatory activities and reflective discussion, which creates an informal and inclusive setting for peer-to-peer learning and co-production. This transdisciplinary session will facilitate dialogue across research and government, practitioners, civil society, private sector, and international organizations to encourage collaborative learning on citizen and stakeholder engagement in adaptation planning and action.

Overall, the session aims to identify good practice in citizen and stakeholder engagement methodologies; increase peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange; improve networks among participants; provide a better understanding of evaluation opportunities; and spark ideas for the co-designed Digital Agora online space for discussion and learning.

If you are interested in sharing information on citizen engagement processes or participating in providing feedback to the AGORA project on engagement methodologies, please join our session at Adaptation Futures 2023 on “Good practice community and citizen engagement for accelerating a climate resilient future in Europe and beyond” and/or complete our online survey.