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Welcome to Agora

AGORA promotes societal transformation to empower local communities to address the climate crisis. AGORA aims to achieve this through a multidisciplinary, integrated approach and four pilot studies all around Europe.

AGORA is a growing, dynamic, pan-European community that creates and shares advanced digital tools to enhance awareness. Informed citizens can actively participate and contribute to ensure safe and sustainable development.

AGORA is defined as the meeting point where citizens share knowledge, practices, expertise and needs, interacting with sciences to design and build a more resilient Europe through a living dialogue between local communities.

AGORA is a HORIZON Europe project started in January 2023. It supports the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change.

4 digital tools are the heart of the AGORA project.
They provide the general public with an open space that supports the growth of a wide community of informed and aware citizens.


The Digital Agora is the living digital environment that enables stakeholders, scientists, experts, media and citizens to network and communicate, facilitating them to find peers and other communities from other geographical or societal contexts to share challenges and needs. It is the entry point to access all the digital tools developed by the project.


Digital Academies

AGORA provides two “Digital Academies” to support citizens and stakeholders to access open-source climate data for adaptation and tackle climate change disinformation.The first academy will not only provide access to data but also support users with guidelines on how to read, interpret and effectively use the information. The second will help stakehold-ers to identify and address the main fake news related to climate change and provide them with tools to tackle disinformation.



The gamified mobile app aims to support the education of citizens on climate change ad-aptation and counter disinformation campaigns through an entertaining and engaging approach. Through an interactive educational experience, the app will increase the engagement of citizens.



The Digital Handbook is an interactive multimedia platform that gathers a collection of the lessons learned by project. It is intended to be the final product of a knowledge integration process through a dynamic and user-friendly navigation system.


A set of pilot regions will constitute the co-production arena to
co-design, co-develop and co-implement climate adaptation solutions.

The German Pilot

is based in the city of Dresden, and it is supported by different regions and municipalities. It will begin with the current draft of Dresden city’s adaptation strategy that will serve as a starting point for the discussions. The focus is on climate risks and adaptation needs and challenges, and on the identification of what's already been done by both local governments and other adaptation relevant actors.

The Italian Pilot

is based in Rome, and it is supported by the city council and other stakeholder organisations. The focus is on flooding, drought and heat waves as major climate change risks that can affect the region. The pilot aim at evaluating new methodologies for the implementation of an adaptation strategy that has already been completed.

The Spanish Pilot

is based in Zaragoza, and it is supported by the Regional Government of Aragón, representing policy makers, Academia, civil society and soon also the private sector as well. The focus is on heat waves, floodings and fire hazards, together with the need to protect biodiversity and natural resources within the Region of Aragón as well as specifically in the city limits of Zaragoza.

The Swedish Pilot

is based in the city of Malmö, and it is supported by local government and other stakeholder organisations. The focus is on how citizens perceive their readiness to climate change risks, their process of adaptation and potential approaches or solutions from a multi-stakeholder view. A special focus is dedicated to the impact of heatwaves and their effects on social behavior and local population’s habits.

AGORA will also develop a roadmap for transformational change and upscale of citizen engagement, for transferability of effective policy instruments and for ensuring long term legacy.

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