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By May 18, 2023June 20th, 2023No Comments

AGORA in collaboration with CMCC Foresight Dialogues organized a joint webinar on Disinformation on Cliamte Change and how to tackle it.

The recent years confirmed that disinformation is not only a matter of political elections. Climate change is hugely targeted by disinformation. The last IPCC report refers to the impact that disinformation on climate change can have on climate action and international and European organisations are calling to address this issue. These topics were discussed at a dedicated webinar organised as a joint initiative between AGORA project and Foresight Dialogues by CMCC.

“Foresight Dialogues” is the CMCC online events series in which writers, artists, journalists, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs discuss the role of communication, in its various forms, in accelerating the climate transition. The Foresight Dialogues series is organised in the context of the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra” initiative.